March 26, 2019

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Wisdom of the Candle

Energy is tricky. Too much and too little often cause the same symptoms. While one does not allow the body to function properly because it cannot fuel it; the other fries the circuitry with too much power until it shuts downs in overload crisis. Living in small communities can be isolating. Living in extreme isolation […]

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Seven Thors

Let’s say you’ve decided to take part in one of my Aviking By Hoof LARP events.  You’ve chosen the Realm Collide theme, which is based on Loki (of Scandinavian old religion) transporting people from all different time periods and realms to a strange and grand feast.  His motive?  That’s for you to find out during […]

July 3, 2018


Trail Blazers

Just outside the boundaries of the small community of Trout River lies the Gros Morne National Park (where the featured image here is taken).  If you go on past the Trout River Campsite inside the park the scenery continues! Aviking By Hoof will take you on horseback through these trails and branch off roads on […]

March 22, 2018

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As a Live Action Role Play special events co-ordinator and script writer, I want people who love larping to know about what I’ve put together.  I also want people who would like to attend my LARP to know what their options are with regards to costumes, weapons, armor, etc.  At Aviking By Hoof, the scenic […]

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Faerie Bells & Elfin Spells Spoiler Alert

The setting for this LARP is 900 AD, west coast of Newfoundland. Vikings have docked their larger ship in the harbour and wandered by smaller “rib” from the river to the lake-like pond guarded by an mountain in the form of an Elephant Head.   There will be only 8 initial Viking characters available, so […]


The Two Sides of You

LARP offers you more than a chance to exercise, interact with new people, get outdoors in different surroundings; it offers you a chance to get YOU back, by ironically playing someone else. I know it seems illogical that a fictitious story plot, characters that are not always even human, extravagant costumes, makeup and wigs could […]