The Fabricated Newfie/Le Newfie fabriqué

Have you ever watched a science fiction, fairy tale or historical film that just seemed … well…fake? Was it the directing? The acting? Were the props and settings unbelievable? Or was it the costumes? Avez-vous déjà regardé une science-fiction, conte de fées ou un film historique qui vient de sembler … Bien… Faux? C’était laContinue reading “The Fabricated Newfie/Le Newfie fabriqué”


As a Live Action Role Play special events co-ordinator and script writer, I want people who love larping to know about what I’ve put together.  I also want people who would like to attend my LARP to know what their options are with regards to costumes, weapons, armor, etc.  At Aviking By Hoof, the scenicContinue reading “LARP”