Virtual Mountain Troll Stroll

DAY 1 Troll(s) #mountaintrollstroll

Mountain Trolls in the Tablelands overlooking Bonne Bay from Woody Point side

DAY 2 Troll(s) #mountaintrollstroll

Mountain Troll(s) overlooking the Trout River and a local cow farmer’s empty field in western Newfoundland.

DAY 3 Troll #mountaintrollstroll

Mountain Trolls overlooking the mishes in Gros Morne National Park Route 431 area, Newfoundland

DAY 4 Troll #mountaintrollstroll

Mountain Troll guarding the seashore at Chimney Cove beach, Newfoundland

DAY 5 Troll #mountaintrollstroll

On the way to Point HIlls

For today, since both photos are merely different angles of the same place, you can use either to spot the Mountain Troll(s) who is watching over the path, mishes and forest below. Remember the rules and tag your drawing #mountaintrollstroll on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Please add us here @avikingbyhoof on Twitter; @larpingNL on Facebook; and avikingbyhoof on Instagram. Thanks!

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