Wedding To Remember

In the Scandinavian old religion, it wasn’t easy being a member of any godfamily.  Even the most beautiful goddess or strongest warrior god had continuous trifles to deal with.  In this particular LARP theme, Thunder God Thor is forced to don a wedding gown and pretend to be his adopted sister Freya – no easy feat, since the Vanir Goddess is reputedly THE most beautiful woman in any of the nine realms.  Thankfully, they do have a head of golden curls in common.

Loki, who had gotten rid of Thor’s hammer in the first place, lets on that he has come to know the whereabouts of the missing thunder hammer, but that getting it back could spell treachery.  Mjolnir is at the bottom of the sea, in a cave owned by giants.  One of such giants happens to be in love with Freya.

Loki promises Freya’s hand in marriage, to this beast, for whom she has no attraction or good feelings towards.  The Asgardians do not wish to be involved in any more Giant/Asir wars.  The Vanir have given up being involved.  Freya fears she must honor this mistaken promise, for the sake of keeping peace.

This is a small group LARP open to 24 players: 8 Midgardian Brides; 8 Main God/Goddess Characters; 8 Giant Wedding Guests.  Upon registration you will be given your character, the plot, gameplay rules and prize incentives. Please indicate clothing size for costuming purposes and head measurement for helmet, wreath or veil size. We will be using foam based weapons for gameplay.

Saturday (1pm-7pm)

1pm Meet and Greet both players and their characters

2pm Costume/Wig/Makeup Session

3pm Acting the Part – Using Gestures and Body Language as Acting Tools


5pm Supper Break

6pm Tour of the Town and Play Area

Sunday (1pm-7pm)

1pm Game Play Begins! Prior to supper break all costume/weapon rentals must be turned back in.

5pm Supper Break

6pm Award Ceremony

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