Aviking By Hoof offers 2 Day Live Action Role Play experiences throughout the summer and fall. No previous acting or larping experience required. Games are capped at 24 players and divided into 3 teams of 8 players.

Participants are responsible for choosing their own costumes. We recommend checking out your local Salvation Army Thrift Shop or visiting a LARP weapon/costume store online, such as Calimacil. Only foam based weapons are permitted for gameplay. There may be a limited selection of costumes available but please check with us when you register.

Registration for the weekend event is $25/person payable via etransfer to avikingbyhoof@gmail.com Please register two days in advance. Book as a group of four or more and take 10% off your admission price.

June 15/16 Wedding To Remember

June 22nd/23rd Faery Bells & Elfin Spells

June 27th/28th Realm Collide

July 6th/7th Age of Eddas

July 13th/14th Mummers VS Mountain Trolls

July 20th/21st Hel over High Water

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